Bike Seat & Stroller

Bike Seat & Stroller

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Påhoj is the new bike seat that turns into a stroller in a second. It is designed for children between the age of 9 months up to 4 years or with a maximum weight of 22kg/48,5 lb or a maximum height of 110cm/43 in, whichever comes first.

✓ Provides flexibility in everyday life
✓ Bike seat and stroller in one
✓ Let your child follow you on the bike ride and create healthy habits early!

Weight capacity: 22 kg / 48,5 lbs
Product weight: 6,75 kg / 14 lbs
Foldable: Yes
Handlebar: Telescopic adjustment, extendable to 104 cm / 41 in
Safety harness: Five points
Front wheel: 360° swivel lock
Back wheels: Suspension
Bike adapter included: Yes
Color: Black
Bike Adapter
Frame mounted: Yes
Approved bike frames: Round frame tubes, 28-40 mm/dm. No carbon fibre frames.”


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